Evian Rising Wikia

Kai Zaki is a decorate galactic captain for the Galactic Federation of Ina's Nova Vessel - Leon 323.






Regenerate planet structures without much use of power

Eye for and Eye technique. When Zeno breaks the seal over Kai's eye he gains significant battle prowess. This technique makes use of the eye contact as a temporary paralyzing agent. Once the enemy make the eye contact, Kai gains control over his opponent's Qi, which serves to either incapacitate the enemy, allow Kai an opening to attack, or steal their Qi.

Shadow Dancing muramasa - the after images of the sword's blade takes form and begin attacking on its own. In combination with Zeno's vertigo abilities the opponent will become hypnotized by the glow of the blade

Power to bind individuals (In a weakened state or if Kai is much strong)

In combination with Zeno's sealing abilities Kai will completely immobilize and individual and Zeno can then seal them onto a small storage unit


"No man in their right mind would ever serve, or give their life for another man, but a real man would do any and everything for a woman and especially his queen. Ultimately the actions of the masculine only exist to gain favor in the eyes of the feminine"

"...I see you have a smirk. Allow me to widen this to a smile with my BLADE!!!"

"‎Evian‬ if I go down to worship you, your ‪spirit wouldn't be the only thing to spill over with ‎elation "